Navy Girlfriend during bootcamp [Sun. 9 June 2019]

Some of you probably already know who I am and some of you may not. So here's a little bit about me: I'm currently twenty one and attending Full Sail University Online for Graphic Design. I live near Asheville, North Carolina at my boyfriends house with some of his family. I play fiddle and guitar … Continue reading Navy Girlfriend during bootcamp [Sun. 9 June 2019]


Life Update [Mon. 1 April 2019]

I haven't been on here much but I want to try to post at least once a week. I have two jobs now, the cashier/bagger/uscan and I also work at a pizza place now too. School is going well, I just started a new class today which seems like it'll be fun. The class is … Continue reading Life Update [Mon. 1 April 2019]