Navy Girlfriend during bootcamp [Sun. 9 June 2019]

Some of you probably already know who I am and some of you may not. So here’s a little bit about me:

I’m currently twenty one and attending Full Sail University Online for Graphic Design. I live near Asheville, North Carolina at my boyfriends house with some of his family. I play fiddle and guitar sometimes and also like to do many other creative things in my free time. Of course some of the things I do in my free time aren’t particularly productive…like playing pubg or other games on my phone…..

Officially a Navy Girlfriend now

So I guess I am officially a Navy Girlfriend now because my boyfriend left for bootcamp a couple weeks ago (May 28th, 2019) he got to bootcamp the evening of May 29th 2019. The box of his stuff arrived on June 4th 2019, about a week after he arrived at bootcamp. We haven’t gotten the form letter yet but I think it should arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Then I’ll finally get to send the letters I’ve been writing.

Yesterday (Saturday, June 8th) was our year and nine months of being together which means that in three months we will have been together for 2 years which is exciting.

Posting this a little bit late but I’ll do another post soon with more updates. I’m leaving for Michigan tomorrow morning so I gotta finish packing….

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