Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!! I know some of you might not celebrate Christmas so to you Happy Holidays.

Christmas Eve

At my parents houses we’ve usually had the tradition of either opening one gift from under the tree on Christmas Eve or opening the gifts from out of town family on Christmas Eve (the boxes of presents from grandparents who live in other states).

What traditions does your family have?

Last night we spent some time decorating the Christmas tree here in PA where my boyfriend’s Nanny lives. I only added a few ornaments, but…decorating the Christmas tree is such a big part of the Christmas festivities that joining in even a little bit is essential.

I’m sure my parents and sisters miss me since this is the second Christmas in a row that I haven’t spent with them but I’ll get to see them for New Year’s which is still part of the Winter Break Holidays.

Sadly I did not bring any Christmas themed clothes on our Holiday vacation but I did get some pictures in a Santa hat so I guess that’ll have to do. I’m thinking about doing a Christmas present unwrapping on Instagram live, or YouTube, when I open the presents my grandmother sent me. If I do, I will definitely make a post about it on here as well.

After dinner we opened our stockings, I got two gift cards, one amazon and one iTunes. I also got a bunch of candy (chocolates, Pez, life savers, and some others as well.) and a couple protein bars.

Christmas Day

Today, so far, we got up and then I had some fruit (strawberries and cantaloupe) for breakfast. After breakfast I got ready for the day in the most Christmas themed clothes that I brought and now for the moment, most of us are just chilling out while the cooking happens.

Everyone else will be arriving for dinner soon and then we will all eat our Christmas meal of the day.

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